List of Past Award Winners

Most Improved Award

This award is given to a junior and/or adult member who has shown great improvement in their skating over the past year.

2022-2023 season recepients: 

Past recipients include:

Justine Neyer (junior) and Dottie Janson (adult) 2023; Isabella Weir (junior) and Sammy Murray (adult) 2022;

Previously named the Brintnall Most Improved Award:  Teigan Ellis (Junior) 2021; Marie Godarova (junior) and Rebecca Moore (adult) 2020; Audrey Potter (junior) and Rachel Quinn (adult) 2019; Sammy Jo Murray 2018; Mikal Stoughton 2017; Rachel Grinfeld (junior) and Rebecca Moore (adult) 2016; Emma Loux (junior) and Diana Taft (adult) 2015; David Neilson (adult) and Zach Streit (junior) 2014; Sydney Wright (junior) 2013; Johanna Owen (junior) and Therese Podborny (adult) 2012; Annasofia Scheve (junior) 2011; Kristie Lopez (adult) 2007; Tessa Rothfeld (junior) 2007; Kecia Pringle (adult) 2006; Myles Hawkins (junior) 2006; Diane Neilson (adult) 2005; Lindsey Michael (junior) 2005; Pat Miller (adult) 2004; Mary Veeneman (junior) 2004; Clare Finney (adult) 2003; Alexis McDonell (junior) 2003; Paula Sitawi (adult) 2002; Brynn Shuller (junior) 2002; Kelvin Adams (adult) 2001; Sloane Hamilton (junior) 2001; David Parker 2000; Jessica Bacher-Egger (adult) 1999; Deb Miller (junior) 1999; Cathy Brinkman (adult) 1993

2022-2023 season recipient: 

Past recipients include:

Rebekah Miller 2023; Megan Plas 2022;

Previously named the Erdman Artistic Award:  Jessie Kong 2021; Carousel Bierma 2020; Ella Sefton 2019; Rachel Mellish 2018; Annasofia Scheve 2017; Sophia Zou 2016; Grace Cawdry 2015; Dori Murray 2014; Sammy Murray 2013; Sarah Brizzolara 2012; Dottie Janson 2007; Katherine Roach 2006; Stacy Nakamura 2005; Cathy Brinkman 2004; Barb Berger 2003; Holly McDonell 2002

Most Artistic Award

This award is given to a skater who portrays creative artistic impression in their skating.

Hospitality Award

This award  is given to a member who exhibits friendliness and a welcome feeling to new members and visitors of FSCC; consistently helps and watches those people striving to improve their skating; seeks out members and provides encouragement to all skaters.

2022-2023 season recipient: 

Past recipients include:

 Ella Sefton 2023; Stacey Udstuen 2022;

Previously named the David E. Prince Memorial Hospitality Award:  Mimzi Staten 2021; Mimzi Staten 2020; Maggie Schoeny 2019; Dori Murray 2018; Lisa Graham 2017; Cathy Brinkman 2016; Melissa Wright 2015; Melissa Townsend 2014; Cathy Brinkman 2013; Laura Reinhardt 2012; Rhonda Owen 2007; Pat Miller 2006; Jessica Egger 2005; Jody Sheldon 2004; Laura Reinhardt 2003; Cindy Williams 2002; Deb Miller 2001; Ann Spore 2000; Susan Papert 1999

2022-2023 season recipient: 

Past recipients include

Michelle Pembaur 2023; Ava Neyer 2022;

Previously named the Shipley Dance Award:  Ashley Udstuen 2021; Daphne Nelson 2020; Tabitha Godarova 2019; Sammy Jo Murray 2018; Laureli Ivnik 2017; Sammy Jo Murray 2016; Annasofia Scheve, 2015; Inna Tobin 2013; Carousel en Rose 2012; Laura Reinhardt 2007; Chloe Amitin 2006; Stacy Nakamura 2005; Susan Osgood 2004; Paula Sitawi 2003; Deb Miller 2002; Holly McDonell 2001; Cathy Brinkman 2000; Lori Gaudet 1999; Bonnie Fraser 1994

Dance Award

This award is given to a member who has shown the most improvment in Ice Dance.  This can be given to a member who has passed the most tests. 


Sportsmanship Award

This award is given to a member who exhibits good social behavior, manners, consideration of others, participation in club activities, sportsmanlike conduct and adherence to club rules.

2022-2023 season recipient: 

Past recipients include:

Ambika Sharma 2023; Mary Shoreman 2022;

Previous named the Betty Lee Duvall Sportsmanship Award:  Maggie Schoeny 2021; Sasha Vondran 2020; Annasophia Scheve 2019; Katie Mellish 2018; Maya Cole 2017; Mikal Stoughton 2016; Sammy Jo Murray (2015); Annasofia Scheve 2014; Johanna Owen 2013; Sarah Brizzolara 2012; Steffi Homan 2007; Katie Looby 2006; Maureen Geier 2005; Brynn Shuller 2004; Kina Sitawi 2003; Katy Looby 2002; Chloe Amitin 2001; Kelley Brinkman 2000; Katherine Roach 1999

2022-2023 season recipients: 

Past recipients include:

Ashley Udstuen (junior) and Dorothi Cassini (adult) 2023; Campbell Center 2022;

Previously named the Griffin Outstanding Skater Award:  Warren King 2021; Sammy Jo Murray 2020; Kat Bowman 2019; Maya Cole 2018; Dottie Janson & Dori Murray 2017; Annasofia Scheve 2016;  Sydney Wright (junior) 2015; Melissa Townsend (adult) 2015; Savannah Steinkamp (junior) and Sammy Jo Murray (junior) 2014; Annasofia Scheve 2013; Emmy Schmidt, Jeff Privett and Rhonda Owen 2012; Stacy Brinkman 2007 (adult); Jenny Miller (junior) 2007; Inna Tobin (adult) 2006; Chloe Amitin (junior) 2006; Barb Kreunen (adult) 2005; Dottie Janson (adult) 2004; Chloe Amitin (junior) 2004; Alexis McDonell (junior) 2005; Kelly Bixby (adult) 2003; Katie Looby (junior) 2003; Bridget Herring (adult) 2002; Katherine Roach (junior) 2002; Melissa Townsend (adult) 2001; Kelley Brinkman (junior) 2001; Michelle Pleiman (junior) 2000; Dottie Janson (adult) 2000; Holly McDonell (adult) 1999; Bonnie Fraser 1990

FSCC Club Award

This award is given to a member who has shown improvement, integrity, volunteerism, sportsmanship and positive representation of the club. 


Axel Rose Award

Introduced in 2015 by coach Dori Murray, this award honors those skaters who landed their first axel during the skating year. Each recipient in attendance at the awards ceremony is presented with a certificate and a rose.

2020-2021 season recipients: 

Past recipients include:  Maggie Schoeny, Ella Sefton and Ashley Udstuen (2016);  Megan Brinkworth, Paige Ellingson, Laureli Ivnik, Sammy Jo Murray, Annasofia Scheve, Jordan Sovik, Mikal Stoughton and Sydney Wright, with two roses given to Maya Cole for landing her double axel (2015)

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