Competition Manual: Registration chair

Registration is a very important part of running the competition. Essentially, the registration team is the face of the competition to the competitors, and the source of information for the referee and accountant.  Members of the registration team should be organized, detail-oriented, and efficient.  The ability to meet deadlines is critical.

Online Registration Chair

  • Mailing address on all entry forms
  • Set up EntryEeze online registration site, configure site based on current announcement and prices
  • Ensures that test levels limit entries properly on EntryEeze
  • Enters paper forms
  • Double-checks all entries, ages, and levels
  • Checks, or “outsources” the checking of all memberships and permissions of skaters
  • With competition chair, finds skaters to “fill” single-skater events
  • Communicates with referee about schedule
  • Inputs final schedule into EntryEeze
  • Sets up practice ice
  • Processes any refunds or event changes

Registration Desk Coordinator

  • Must be able to be present for whole day of competition (or most of the day), including several hours before the event begins to set up
  • Prints reports and schedules from EntryEeze.  This includes check-in lists, coach lists, practice ice check-in, and CD labels. Makes sure everything is printed correctly and in order so that competitors can be checked in
  • For larger competitions, check-in names might be divided alphabetically for two lines (A-L, M-Z), etc. This is not always necessary
  • Organizes competition supplies needed for registration desk:
    • Pencils, Pens, Sharpie marker, Notepaper, Post-its, Scissors, Masking tape, CD baskets, clip boards, Hanging folders and box, Rubber bands.
  • Communicates and trains registration volunteers