Competition Manual: Officials chairs

The officials committee should be comprised of 1 or 2 people. The officials contact should be fairly familiar with running competitions, and should also be familiar with event and judging levels necessary. It is important to recognize throughout that all officials are volunteers.  They do not get paid for their services or expertise, and many come from several hundred miles away.  It is our job as a host club to make sure that these officials are made to feel as welcome and comfortable as possible.

Officials Contact

  • Requires some knowledge of judges levels, and US Figure Skating rules of levels of officials needed for competition
  • Recruits event referee and/or accountant at the time of submitting the competition sanction.  At least one of these officials must be a US Figure Skating certified referee or accountant.
  • Recruits judge according to the level of competition from the current US Figure Skating directory.  Expenses for travel should be kept in mind.
    • For Basic Skills competitions, trial judges or other knowledgeable adults with no conflicts of interest may be used.
    • If the event includes IJS events, additional help may be required to secure an technical panel. This includes a technical accountant, data operator, video operator, technical controller, and two technical specialists. The Technical Controller must be named at the time of sanction.  FSCC owns a share of SEGL’s IJS mini-system. If we choose to use this system, a technology committee should be formed to handle the additional needs of the IJS system.
    • If the event is a Qualifying event or an event co-sponsored by the SEGL or TriStates Councils, there may be additional regulations regarding officials.  The Officials Contact should communicate with the appropriate parties (US Figure Skating, SEGL or TriStates), and form additional ad-hoc committees as necessary to meet these requirements
    • If the event is a National Solo Dance qualifying event, you need a Sectional Dance judge as referee, and you need a panel of qualified judges
  • Communicates with Accountant about required pieces of equipment
  • Communicates with Competition Chair about judges acquired

Officials Travel/Supplies

  • Communicates with Officials about travel requirements. Provides directions and/or maps to each official as necessary. Checks in with officials closer to the event to make sure they do not need any additional information.
  • Books hotels for Officials who require an overnight stay. Communicates with the FSCC Treasurer about getting tax-exempt rate for Officials
  • Organizes transportation from hotel to rink, if necessary
  • Prints travel expense forms, distributes to offiicals on day of event, and receives reimbursement for Offiicial from Finance Chair on day of event
  • Purchases small thank-you gifts for judges (i.e. SCRIP cards or other items)
  • Makes sure that Officials have the supplies they need, including pencils, pencil sharpener, clipboards, etc.
  • Make sure Officials have items so that they are comfortable while judging in the rink.  This may include blankets, handwarmers, etc.
  • Communicates with Competition Chair about judges hotels, travel, and any other important information