Competition Manual: Music/Announcing Chair

A competition cannot function without proper music and announcing. Music, in particular, is critical to ensure that competitors have a successful competition. Knowledge of some technical aspects of sound systems is preferable, as is the ability to troubleshoot equipment.


  • Ensures that we have necessary equipment to play music during the competition
  • Checks that we have a working and backup boombox for each rink, and can operate them.
  • Checks that we have working A/V hookups to the rink’s sound system and extension cords if necessary
  • Checks that the sound system works in the competition rink, using the competition boombox and A/V equipment
  • Obtains at least TWO copies of the National Anthem, to be played at the start of the competition
  • Obtains at least TWO copies of the official dance music for the competition if there are ice dance events. (Please consult with one of the club ice dancers if in doubt)
  • Obtains at least TWO copies of the current year’s Basic Skills music.  Often, this can be downloaded from the Learn to Skate Cincinnati website.  If not, please contact Jenni Cashen from Lincoln FSC in Indiana
  • Tests all equipment before the competition, with different types and volumes of music.


  • Ensures that we have necessary equipment/scripts for announcing during competition
  • Checks that we can borrow both (handheld and lapel) microphones from the rink, and determines the correct channels for the microphone
  • Tests the microphone prior to the competition.
  • Obtains or writes scripts for the event. Laura Reinhardt has many of these scripts. Examples include the following, but may include others for other events.  Communicate with the competition chair about additional events.

The next event is ____.  Will the following skaters please take the ice for your warmup: ____

Skaters you have 1 minute remaining in your warmup

Skaters, please clear the ice

S/he represents the ____ in _____. Please welcome _____

This concludes ____