Competition Manual: Calendar of events

10+ months prior to competition

  • Submit a bid if for SEGL, Sectionals, etc

6+ months prior to competition

  • Set competition date and reserve ice (Competition chair): For Buckeye, check dates for Regionals, Sectionals, Skate America, ISI Adult Worlds. For Skate Cinci, check dates of Louisville competition, Miami ISI… Skate Cinci is almost always 3rd weekend in March
  • Appoint officials chair and online registration chair
  • Write announcement based on USFS Standard non qualifying competition manual and any rule changes after Governing Council
  • Find host hotel for competition
  • Secure videographer if using IJS
  • Find chief accountant and chief referee
  • Submit announcement for sanction on USFS site

3-6 months prior to competition

  • Secure judges and other officials for competition (Officials chair)
  • Appoint other committee chairs
  • Publicize competition through website, email and social media.  Buckeye: post to Buckeye group on FB and send announcement to past competitors’ list (maintained by chair). Skate Cinci: send announcement to all area coaches, LTS programs, and clubs
  • Reserve hospitality room (Competition or Hospitality chair)
  • Initial meeting with competition committee
  • Begin soliciting vendors (Vendors chair)
  • Count previous year’s medals and place order (Awards chair)
  • Begin soliciting items for Goody Bags (Goody Bag chair)

2-3 months prior to competition

  • Begin setting menu for officials (Hospitality chair)
  • Organize scripts for announcing (Music/Announcing chair)
  • Burn CDs of music: Basic Skills, Dance (esp. if National Solo Dance qualifying), and National Anthem (Music/Announcing chair)

1-2 months prior to competition

  • Complete all registrations 5-6 weeks prior to competition (Online Registration chair)
  • Troubleshoot all entries (Competition chair and Registration chair)
  • Confirm memberships of all competitors (Competitions chair, or other volunteer)
  • Create preliminary schedule of events (Competition Chair and Referee)
  • Confirm medal and ribbons order based on entries (Awards chair)
  • Confirm travel arrangements of officials (Officials chair)
  • Set practice ice schedule (Online Registration chair)
  • General call for day-of volunteers (Volunteer coordinator; other chairs also solicit directly)
  • Obtain donations for hospitality items (Hospitality chair)
  • Begin organizing a volunteer schedule (Volunteer coordinator)
  • Have a meeting to find out how many tables we need for vendors, registration, awards, etc. Make a request for that many tables to rink (Competition Chair or Ice/Facilities chair)

Weeks and days leading up to competition

  • Publish competition schedules 2 weeks prior to event (Competition chair)
  • Confirm ice schedules and ice cut schedules, facilities requests (Ice Committee/Facilities chair) – do this several times
  • Train volunteers in your areas (all chairs)
  • Confirm vendors and spaces at least 2-3 weeks prior (vendors chair)
  • Create a competition program based on schedule and entries 1 week prior (Competition Program chair)
  • Gather supplies needed for Registration desk (Registration Desk chair)
  • Test sound system and all boom boxes, microphones, jacks (Music/Announcing chair)
  • Stuff competitors’ bags (Goody bag chair)
  • Gather all service items for hospitality (Hospitality chair)
  • Print out signage for locker rooms, etc (Facilities chair)