Competition Manual: Punch List

Setup on the night before/morning of competition


  • Sound: Make sure music and microphones play.  Make detailed notes of what all of the settings are.
  • Glass panels/netting: Ask for 1 panel of glass to be removed by each rink door (by locker rooms and one by the right hand door by entrance).  Ask for 2 panels of glass to be removed in whichever corner the videographer wants.  Ask the rink to raise the netting for one area (not all) so that people can throw things on the ice (Buckeye ONLY)
  • Temperature:  Ask for heat in the locker rooms and heat in the bleacher area.  Ice temp should be raised to figure skating temperatures
  • Signs should be put up in the arena to indicate where the locker rooms, registration, restrooms, hospitality, etc areas are. Post schedules on rink doors.
  • JUDGES will use the IJS platforms (requires 4 people to build, and about 1-2 hours), OR a minimum of 6 barstools on lobby end and 4 on zamboni end

Locker rooms

  • Competitor’s Locker Rooms: Make sure that toilets are clean and functioning, with paper.  Make sure sinks and floors are clean. Put air freshener in each locker room (1-2).  Put full-length mirror in each locker room.  Put curtains up in front of each toilet.  Put signs on the doors.
  • Hospitality for coaches/volunteers (if using locker room): Set up 2 long tables for food. Set up screen or curtain to block shower area.  Put in air freshener and garbage can

Hospitality Room for Officials

  • 2 long tables plus chairs for accountants.  2-3 tables for food service.  2 or so tables for officials to sit. Additional chairs as necessary
  • Tablecloths/decorations on serving tables, and on other tables as necessary
  • Set up as much of the hospitality as possible for breakfast
  • Set out competition supplies (clipboards, pencils, etc) needed for competition
  • Get registration materials together in a box and ready to take downstairs first thing in the morning
  • Put up schedule and clock in room


  • Registration  2-3 tables in L shape, 2+ chairs.  Use table skirts and cloths.  Place goodie bags, registration information, practice ice sign in, programs, results box, change box, etc here. For Skate Cincinnati, we have placed helium balloons here for easy recognition. For Buckeye, set up any competitor party information here as well
  • Awards/Volunteers  1 table, 1 chair, next to wherever the awards stand is. Set up volunteer schedule here, along with volunteer nametags. Set up the awards curtain and podium on the morning of the competition
  • Other vendor tables (apparel, etc) “ ask vendors about their needs.  We can provide 1 table and 2 chairs per vendor.