Competition Manual: Competition chairs

The competition chair is responsible for the overall planning and coordination of the event.  Ideally, the competition chair will work with a co-chair who will be the future competition chair.  Specific duties of the competition chair include:

  • Write or update the competition announcement. Use any official USFS documentation whenever possible, such as the Standard Nonqualifying Announcement.  It is also a very good idea to look at announcements of related competitions (i.e. related adult competitions, related Basic Skills competitions) so that our events are in line with local practices. Confirm that host hotels are available for the competition at a reasonable rate.
  • Set a date for the competition.  The Buckeye is typically in October-November, and Skate Cincinnati is typically on the 3rd weekend in March.  Make sure that the Buckeye dates do not conflict with regional qualifying competitions or ISI Adult Worlds.  Make sure that the Skate Cincinnati sanction application and date are set early, as Louisville likes to host a competition around the same time.
  • Reserve ice from the rink for competition, practice ice, and test session (if necessary).  Work with the club’s rink relations person to negotiate a competition date. At some rinks, we must give 30 days notice to cancel ice.  Reserve ice based on actual hours used in prior year’s competition. Typically we reserve 2 hours on Friday, 10-12 hours on Saturday (for Skate Cincinnati, also reserve about 6 hours on the other rink), and 6 hours on Sunday (for test session).
  • Submit a sanction application to US Figure Skating.  This is now done online through the USFS Members Only page.  The Club President, Sanctions Officer, and Membership chair have access to the “Club Management” tab, where the sanction application is located.
  • Recruit and train committee chairs. Provide committee chairs with background information about each position, notes from previous years, previous year’s contact information, etc.
  • Publicize competition by sending sanctioned announcement to past skaters list, local coaches and/or clubs, listservs, posting it on websites, etc.
  • Coordinate tasks in preparation for event being done by committee chairs.Facilitate communication between chairs and past chairs.
  • Communicate with registrar, referee, and rink management about final schedule for competition.  Post the final schedule on the website.
  • Communicate with skaters and coaches about questions related to the event.  Be sure to enforce what is written on the announcement, particularly regarding refunds or switching levels, especially after the official schedule has been released.
  • Communicate with arena about additional facility requirements: barstools for officials, raised glass panels by each skater entrance, one section of raised netting for Buckeye
  • Help set up on day before event
  • Be available during day of event, working various roles as necessary
  • Hold wrap-up meeting for committee chairs.  Make alterations to job descriptions and/or workflow as necessary.