Annual Awards Meeting

Season Kick-Off and Annual Awards Meeting

Sunday, September 9, 2018 2-4pm at the Blue Goose, followed by our first Sunday 4:15-5:45 ice session at Sports Plus.  (Wednesday sessions start on September 5th 6:45-7:45).

Blue Goose Sports Cafe, 11060 Reading Road, Sharonville, OH  45241.  Order off the menu.

Test Certificates will be awarded.  If you passed a USFS test in the 2017-2018 season, you get an official USFS certificate and patch.  We have THREE Gold Medallists receiving certificates!

Annual Awards will be presented!

Annual Meeting, elections & voting.  The attendance of voting members is needed!


Cincinnati Skating School families, Figure Skating Club of Cincinnati families, and any interested potential members are encouraged to attend!

Congratulations to our 2017-2018 Testers!

The following skaters passed United States Figure Skating tests in the 2017-2018 Season and those present will receive certificates and patches at our Annual Awards Meeting on September 9th!

Rachel A.             Sr Moves

Kelly B.                Solo Pre-Bronze Dance Test

Lydia B.               Pre-Pre Moves

Sydney C.            Juvenile Moves

Maya C.               Bronze Dance Test, Jr Moves

Angela G.            Sr. Moves

Tabitha G.            Pre Pre Moves

Memrie H.            Pre Free, Pre Juv Moves

Laureli I.               Juv Free

Lila J.                  Pre Free, Juv Moves

Rose J.                Pre Free, Juv Moves

Jessie K.              Pre Juv Free, Novice Moves

Katie L.                Pre Pre moves

Grace M.              Juv Moves

Rebecca M.          Pre Free

Sammy M.           Pre Juv Free, Silver Dance Test, Sr. Moves, Jr. Moves

Daphne N.            Pre Pre Moves

Audrey P.             Pre Pre Moves

Margaret S.          Juv Free, Novice Moves

Ella S.                 Pre Free, Pre Bronze Dance, Pre Juv Moves

Jordan S.             Juv Free

Ashley U.            Juv Moves, Pre Bronze Dance, Pre Free, Int Moves

Sasha V.             Juv Moves, Pre Free

Sarah W.             Pre Juv Free, Juv Moves

Patty Z.               Preliminary Moves, Pre-Juv Moves