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US Figure Skating Tests

FSCC typically schedules two test sessions per year at Indian Hill Winter Club.  The first will be scheduled mid-December on a Monday.  Our April test session is always the Sunday after the annual Skate Cincinnati competition.

Applications to test may be submitted through or mailed by clicking the paper form below.  You will be contacted with email confirmation that your paper application has been received.

FSCC welcomes all out of club skaters to participate at our test sessions.  Your club will be contacted by the FSCC test chair for permission to test after your application is submitted.

FSCC members who test at a session out of club will be reimbursed for their guest fees for tests that are passed successfully.  Contact Mimzi prior to testing to let her know your plans.

Should you have any questions, please contact Mimzi Staten/Test Chair at

2021-2022 Test Sessions

Next test session:  Sunday, April 24th, 2022 @ Indian Hill Winter Club

FSCC Gold Medalists (since 2001)

Dance – Senior
     Katherine Roach, 2008
Dance – Gold
     Sammy Murray, 2019
Dance – Adult
     Bonnie Fraser, 2001
Free Skating – Adult
     Stacy Brinkman, 2007
Moves in the Field – Senior
     Katerina Cristo, 2020
     Annasofia Scheve, 2020
     Maggie Schoeny, 2020
     Rachel Abdullah, 2018
     Angela Ge, 2018
     Sammy Jo Murray, 2018
     Ashley Teff, 2010
     Kassie Clifton, 2008
     Melissa Vogerl, 2008
     Katherine Roach, 2005
Moves in the Field – Adult
     Melissa Townsend, 2015
     Inna Tobin, 2009
     Barb Kreunen, 2008
     Cathy Brinkman, 2007
     Stacy Brinkman, 2005
     Kelly Bixby, 2003

Tests Passed through June, 2016
Tests passed through November 1, 2015