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Competition Manual

Last updated: 08/25/2014 by Stacy Brinkman


Running a US-Figure Skating-sanctioned competition requires a considerable amount of coordination and volunteer effort. This handbook aims to assist competition and committee chairs in the process of organizing a successful competition in Cincinnati.

Each chairperson or committee will have a separate page in this website with a description of the position and its roles. It is the responsibility of each committee chairperson to take notes of updates such as vendor changes, procedural changes, tips, etc.  There should be a wrapup meeting about 2-4 weeks after the competition is finished, in order to share updates and changes.  The Competition Chairperson will re-collect folders from committee chairs, and will update the overall competition handbook for the next competition chair.

To-Do lists

Committee chair descriptions

Day-of Volunteer Descriptions

  • Registration: Check in skaters and their music. Give out goody bags. Confirm with event referee that skaters are checked in.
  • Ice Monitor: Make sure skaters are ready to go right before their event at the rink door. Should have warm clothing.  May be a youth volunteer if responsible.
  • Runner: Bring judges sheets to the accountant. Bring the accountant’s result sheets to the referee. Make copies. Post results.  Often a youth volunteer.
  • Music: Play CDs for the skaters. Should have some comfort with operating and troubleshooting CD players. Should have warm clothing.
  • Announcing: Introduce skaters, events, and make announcements over the PA system. Should have some comfort with using a microphone. Should have warm clothing.
  • Hospitality: Help serve food for officials. In the afternoon, help bake cookies! This position is warm, but you won’t be able to see the rink.
  • Awards:  Help announce and distribute medals for skaters.