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Buckeye Adult Open

2017 Buckeye Adult Open,  Cleveland Heights, OH
Deadline:  9/30/17 11:59pm
Event Date:  10/28/17-10/29/17

This season, the Buckeye Adult Open is being hosted by Pavillion Skating Club in Cleveland Heights, OH.  Click here for their 2017 Buckeye Home Page



The Buckeye Adult Figure Skating Open is a US Figure Skating competition for any skater over the age of 18 held every fall in Cincinnati, Ohio. The 2016 Buckeye was put on hold while FSCC hosted the 2017 Midwestern Adult Sectional Championships! Th3 previous year’s competition was scheduled for October 31-November 1, 2015.


Cincinnati Gardens
2250 Seymour Ave
Cincinnati, OH 45212

Travel and Hotel Information

Announcement, Registration, Schedules


The 2015 Buckeye Adult Open is sanctioned by US Figure Skating (#18528) and Skate Canada.


Past Results