Skate sharpenings and fittings

FSCC provides this listing as a service to its members who are looking for local figure skate sharpening services. FSCC does not endorse any skate sharpener.  Appointments are recommended.

Skate Sharpeners (in alphabetical order):
Richard Hartley (Northland):
Dan Lane (Sports Plus, Monday nights):  call Sports Plus Pro Shop 513-604-6777,
Krzysztof Tomczyk (Eiselite Pro Shop):  859-536-3534,

Skate Fitters (in alphabetical order):

Mike Berg (NKY):  (775)378-8776
Krzysztof Tomczyk (Eiselite Pro Shop):  859-536-3534,
Marcia Williams (by appointment):  513-218-8363,
Skate Sharpeners, Visiting (in alphabetical order):
John Harmata, aka “Mr. Edge” (Indian Hill Winter Club, Weds once/month): 630-852-2101;
     Mr. Edge travel schedule: