Our 2017-18 season runs July 1, 2017 through June 30, 2018 corresponding with US Figure Skating’s season.

Membership Quick Links: 
2017-2018 FSCC Membership Categories
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Paper Registration Forms
Club Ice Forms and Schedule

For additional information, contact our membership chairperson at

Membership Facts

Regular Family Membership: $140
A one year, Full Membership for skater AND parent/guardian or adult skating member within the same family. Includes the following privileges upon registration:

  1. A full year of membership to US Figure Skating
  2. US Figure Skating testing privileges for all disciplines.
  3. US Figure Skating competition privileges for all disciplines.
  4. Monthly issue of Skating magazine (One per household).
  5. Opportunity to participate in free social skating sessions during the year.
  6. Opportunity to purchase club ice sessions through packages or walk-ons.
  7. Privileges to participate in Group Team Activities such as Cincinnati Ice Show Team.
  8. Opportunity to participate in group skating lessons on club ice.
  9. Voting Privileges for all members over 18.
  10. US Figure Skating sports accident insurance coverage

FSCC does not require its members to purchase club ice as part of its membership. Rather, we try to offer our members the maximum flexibility in choosing when and where they want to skate.  If you are interested in purchasing club ice, please visit the Club Ice page.

Adult Membership: $110
The Adult Membership is for skaters who are 18 years or older, and includes all of the benefits listed in regular family membership.

Additional Family Members: $34
The Additional Family Membership includes all of the benefits of regular family membership. The additional family member must be living with the individual(s) listed in the regular family membership or adult membership.

Introductory Membership: $145
If you have NOT previously been a full member of US Figure Skating (Basic skills membership is okay), the Introductory FSCC Individual Membership may be just the thing for you!

What is included:

  • All benefits listed in the regular family membership
  • Includes 10 hours of Club Ice (regular walk-on price = $16/hr, $24/1.5hrs)

Professional Membership: $95
See Coaches page of this website for details

Collegiate Membership: $120
The Collegiate membership is the same as the Adult Membership except that it lasts for 4 consecutive years instead of one year! That’s a savings of approximately $300! Collegiate members must be enrolled in a college at the time of registration.

FSCC Activity Registration: $39
The FSCC Activity Registration enables skaters or coaches who are not members of US Figure Skating to do the following:

- Participate in FSCC activities such as group lessons, show team, and freestyle sessions
- Retain home club membership with another club and still participate in FSCC team activities
- Obtain a USFS Basic Skills membership, which includes insurance required to skate or coach on freestyle sessions managed by FSCC

The FSCC activity registration does NOT include
- Permission to skate on club ice or purchase club ice packages
- Membership to USFSA
- FSCC voting rights
- Club Testing Privileges
- A subscription to Skating magazine

FSCC Activity Registration is included with other categories of FSCC membership. If a skater chooses to upgrade to FSCC membership, the activity registration fee will be credited towards their membership.


Guests: Members may invite prospective members and guests to skate on our club sessions. The board may waive guest fees for the first skating session of a prospective member. In all other cases, members will be responsible for the payment of guest fees ($15 per hour). A prospective member may skate as a guest a maximum of three times.

Questions? Contact our Membership Chair, Stacy Brinkman, at