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Coaches Affiliated With FSCC

All FSCC private coaches are registered coaches of US Figure Skating, and teach Basic Skills in addition to the following areas of specialization. All coaches are members of the Professional Skaters Association (PSA) and many hold PSA ratings (Registered, Certified, Senior and Master levels).

  • Lisa Butler – Freestyle, Moves in the Field
  • Bethany Vondran – Freestyle, Moves in the Field

Information for Coaches

FSCC Professional Membership: $80

  1. Includes the Full Membership to FSCC for 1 year
  2. Includes USFS Membership and Skating Magazine
  3. Includes Teaching privileges or permission to skate on club sponsored ice sessions:
  4. Priority consideration for teaching group classes
  5. Web posting of your professional profiles on FSCC web site, if desired

Click here to Register on-line with the Club

Pro Policy:

Coaches wishing to teach on FSCC ice must provide the following information to the FSCC Pro Liaison:

1. USFSA Coach Registration Card

2. Copy of your liability insurance, minimum limits of $1Million per incident/$5 Million aggregate, listing FSCC as a certificate holder

3.  Copy of Concussion Awareness Training.  Training is free and can be found at:

Coaches wishing to teach on FSCC ice must follow the following policies:

1.  Coaches must support the programs of the Figure Skating Club of Cincinnati.

2.  Coaches and their student must adhere to the rules of the FSCC Ice Etiquette and Right of Way .

3. Coaches will respect the contractual or business relationships of other coaches with their clients, students and families.

4.  Solicitation, either directly or indirectly, will not be tolerated.

If you would like to coach on FSCC sessions, please contact our Pro Liaison at