Club Ice and Summer Freestyle Ice

FSCC reserves ice sessions for its members at Sports Plus. The regular club season runs from September through April or May. The Figure Skating Club of Cincinnati is scheduling a great calendar for the 2018-19 skating season at Sports Plus. 

2018-2019 Regular Season Ice and Package Information

FSCC does not require its members to purchase club ice as part of its membership. Rather, we try to offer our members the maximum flexibility in choosing when and where they want to skate.  To purchase ice time with a credit card, please go to our membership page  (under the “Merchandise” tab) and/or to register as a member of FSCC.  You may also use the Club Ice Package Worksheet below.

** A commitment for any of the ice packages constitutes a commitment to pay for the entire year.  Skaters who drop out before the end of the season are responsible for any unpaid installments unless due to injury, medical reason, transfer out of the area, or other extenuating circumstance, in which case a written request for waiver of unpaid installments must be made to the Board of Directors, stating the reasons for making the request.

New for the 2018-2019 Season!

We now offer one ice package.  It is called the All You Can Skate ice package and is good for all ice sessions scheduled during the September 2018 through May 2019 season for only $350!  The package expires after this time.

2018-2019 Club Ice Information and Package Materials
A few things to keep in mind:
  • Non-member coaches may guest once in a lifetime, then they must purchase an FSCC Pro Membership in order to coach on FSCC club ice.
  • Each skater must sign-in prior to taking the ice.
  • Each skater must either purchase an All You Can Skate ice package or pay the walk-on rate.
  • The All You Can Skate ice packages expires in May 2019

All You Can Skate Ice Package

  • The All You Can Skate ice package costs only $350 for all hours of club ice!
    • Family members are unable to share Unlimited Ice Packages.
  • The All You Can Skate ice package can be used on any FSCC session during the 2018-2019 skating season (September 2018 – May 2019).  The package expires after this time.
  • The All You Can Skate ice package may be paid in 2 installments.  The first is due immediately.  The second is due January 15, 2019.  Late fees may apply after this date.
  • This package allows members to skate on club ice sessions at a much lower cost than the walk-on fee.
  • Members do not have to commit to any particular days or times in advance; skaters may use their package hours on any club ice session.
Walk-On Rates
  • Member:
    • $16 per skating hour (50 minutes or less)
    • $24 per 1.5 skating hours (51-80 minutes)
  • Non- Member:
    • $17 per skating hour (50 minutes or less)
    • $25.50 per 1.5 skating hours (51-80 minutes) for non-members.
  • A skating hour is one 50-minute period.

2018 Summer Freestyle Ice and Package Information

FSC Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky SC, Cincinnati Skating School and Sports Plus teamed up to bring you 100+ hours of summer ice skating over 2 summer months. From basic beginner to the elite competitor, we’ve got a program that will fit your schedule and training needs.
New skaters to Cincinnati Skating School’s online registration will be prompted to Register and create an account. You will be asked to enter credit card information, but nothing is charged to your account until you enroll in a class or purchase a package. Even then, the charge is not automatic until we manually post your tuition.